Skills / Services

What are you trying to get across, and what is the most efficient way to convey it? I’ll help you answer these questions and produce content in a format (video, podcast, pdf, website) that helps you say exactly what you mean. 

Designing Reliable Narrators

Today data is easy to come by, meaning is much harder to find. I don't think it's an accident that the age of information has made curators more valuable: near-infinite access to information in turn drives a demand for analysis. I help people, clients, causes and companies capitalize on this opportunity and serve as a reliable narrator for their audience.

Video Work 

I delight in using different formats, but I am increasingly drawn to video. In my experience, video is great for communicating your story, whether it’s demonstrating  how a seemingly-complex app is just what your audience has been waiting for, or helping them to experience the vibe of a room without having been there.. I love how video allows for a mix of audio and animated text, yielding different ways to make things like routine interviews more engaging.

If you're starting from scratch, I can assist in all parts of the process - from drafting the creative brief, writing the script, executing the shoot, and editing the final product. I can also jump in for part of the project - for example, if you already have film 'in the can,' and are just looking for help sorting through it, I can edit your footage into a polished, finished product.